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A little bit about my work history and my software knowledge.

  • 2014-08-01

    Freelance Graphic Design

    Freelance Graphic Designer, Overland Park, KS. September, 2014 - Present. Provide graphic design and art direction for variety of clients. Projects include print design, web design and programming, video/audio production and copywriting.

  • 2011-03-01

    KAT Communications

    Senior Graphic Designer, KAT Communications, Bismarck, ND. March, 2011 - July, 2014. Provided design and art direction for projects produced by advertising and marketing agency. Management of 5 designers and videographers while maintaining hands-on production of projects, including traditional and digital design, web design and video/audio production.

  • 2007-06-01

    McQuillen Creative Group

    Senior Graphic Designer, McQuillen Creative Group, Aberdeen, SD. June, 2007 - November, 2008. Provided art direction and design for majority of projects produced by advertising agency. Management of 10 creatives and their departments while maintaining hands-on production of projects, including traditional and digital design, web design and programming, video/audio production, storyboards and some copywriting.

  • 2003-12-01

    Paulsen Ag

    Art Director/Graphic Designer, Paulsen Ag, Sioux Falls, SD. December, 2003 - May, 2007. Concept and design of both print and interactive/web projects for both local and national clients. Provided extensive production work for national-level clients, including periodical advertising, storyboards and illustrations for broadcast commercial production, and PowerPoint graphics and presentations.


    Glad you asked. My name is Mark Poe, and I’m a graphic designer with over fourteen years of experience in an agency setting. During that time, I’ve created work for both local and national clients, having a hand in everything from original concept to final creation. This portfolio reflects some of the work I’ve created during my career.
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This is part of a campaign intended to encourage Native American high school kids to continue on to higher education. Shown above is an information kit sent out to high schools in North Dakota, including the kit container, the DVD contained within the kit, and an informational booklet explaining the DVD and how to use it. Color palette and imagery was based on information gathered through focus groups made up of Native American high school students.

U of Florida

This is a brochure (plus insert) for the University of Florida’s online portion of their school. While I had a good deal of creative freedom, I still needed to adhere to strict image guidelines.

Printing Company

This booklet was designed for a printing company that wanted to highlight the variety of services they offer. 

New Cover Design

This brochure cover was designed for an acupuncture studio that had an existing brochure, but wanted to re-print it with a new cover. 

Agriculture Brochure

Informational brochure created to be distributed to local farmers. 

Newspaper Campaign

These ads were part of a grass-roots campaign in South Dakota to encourage more transparency in state government. Being the home of Mt. Rushmore, it was a natural choice as a design anchor for the campaign. 


Medical Research Collateral

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Deliverables: Folder, brochure within folder, tri-fold brochure, information booth banner stand
Art Director/Graphic Designer

A medical research company requested completely re-designed collateral for handing out at medical conferences, as well as large banner stands to be set up at their information booth. The client wanted to stand out in a market dominated by much larger, more established companies.


Voting Laws Campaign

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Deliverables: Newspaper ads, periodical ads, billboards, posters, direct mail piece (recipe card), videos (:30 spots)
Print – Art Director/Graphic Designer, Photo Direction
Video – Creative Director, Art Director/Graphic Designer (concept and direction of animation, creation of screen graphics)

This campaign was intended by the state of North Dakota to notify all voters state-wide of the new voting regulations, and how to be prepared to vote. The slogan, “Voting in North Dakota – easy as pie!” was already decided upon, and the task was to keep a “homey” theme in keeping with the pie logo that had been developed. I developed the prominent ribbon used on much of the advertising, incorporating a bright color scheme, as well as using photos of “everyday North Dakotans” in much of the collateral.

Due to budget constraints, we developed and used motion graphics throughout the two :30 spots. I designed and developed all graphics used throughout the entire campaign (excluding the pie logo), and art directed the animation used in the spots. The spots aired state-wide for six months.


Continuing Education Campaign

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Deliverables: Poster, website, video (:30 spot)
Print – Creative Director, Art Director/Graphic Designer, Photo Direction
Video – Creative Director
Website – Art Director

The client wanted to create a campaign that would encourage high school-age kids with special needs to consider making their next steps in their education. I brought up the concept of a student “taking off” to new opportunities, and suggested we show this by having a student in a space suit, and playing off the awkward comedy of a “typical” student asking the astronaut what they were doing and where they were going.

Live site:



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The work shown on this page are examples of illustrations I’ve completed for various projects. The piece above is a watercolor painting I did which was converted into a poster to promote a local Wizard of Oz festival.

Little Girl

Self-promotional piece. Graphite on newsprint. 

Angel Poster

Created for Paulsen Marketing as a Christmas gift sent out to clients. Acrylic on canvas. 

Medical Illustrations

Several watercolor illustrations created for a series of medical brochures that were distributed nationally. 

Michelangelo Study

Illustration created for self-promotion. Acrylic on canvas. 

da Vinci Illustration

Drawing created for self-promotion. Graphite on watercolor paper. 

Jacob Wrestling the Angel

Illustration created for self-promotion. Acrylic on canvas. 


Web and Interactive

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This section shows a number of websites I’ve designed, along with kiosk designs. The site above was part of a campaign intended to encourage Native American kids to continue on to higher education. We used a focus group to find out what colors connected with Native American youth, and very intentionally made strong use of these loud, vivid color schemes. Live site:

Mandated Reporting

This website was designed for people in professions that require them to report suspected child abuse and neglect. I also created the watercolor illustrations shown on the home page. The client wanted the site to have a light, positive, professional feel while showcasing a serious subject. Live site: ND Mandated Reporting 

Truck Cover

I designed this website for the company that makes a popular truck cover. The client wanted to incorporate a chrome look into the header, and I kept a metallic theme going with the rest of the graphics. Live site: 

Medical Center

Website and logo I designed for a cancer clinic that wanted to portray a softer, more “human” feel in their image.

Energy Company Kiosk

During a building remodel, an energy company requested a user interface design for a kiosk that would be viewed within their public waiting room. This involved the creation of interactive graphics as well as the inclusion of interactive video to help explain what the company does. Since energy production is a hot topic, it was important to maintain a positive feeling and message about their use of natural resources.  

Non-public Schools

This website and logo was designed to give an updated, professional look to an organization of non-public schools. Live site: 

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Deliverable: :30 spot
Creative Director, Art Director, Motion Graphic Designer, Copywriter

The client for this spot wanted to keep costs down on the project, but still wanted it to have a national-level quality to it. I provided creative direction, art direction and graphic design and copywriting for the spot, and directed all animations.

Deliverable: Two :30 spots
Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter

These spots helped introduce the company’s new logo that I had developed, along with the “Lang’s Guy” character – a know-it-all sales associate who appears out of nowhere to help explain appliances and how Lang’s can help. The client was concerned that the surrounding community was leaving the area to buy their appliances elsewhere, and they wanted to remind customers that Lang’s was still there and ready to help with modern appliances and helpful service.

Deliverable: :30 spot
Art Director, Motion Graphic Designer, Animation Director

For this spot, the client wanted to show that they’re in a unique position to help students who aren’t sure what to do next on their path to a career. A limited budget was allowed for production, and we chose to create the spot with motion graphics.


Interactive Continued

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This website was an update to an older site, adding a much more interactive interface and a fresh look. The client wanted the viewer to be able to have most of their questions answered about their facilities through interactive tours and add detailed information about their nation-wide network of facilities. Live site:

State Museum Kiosk

This interface design is currently being used on informational kiosks in the newly remodeled ND State Museum. This was the first time the museum had utilized kiosks in introducing visitors to the museum, and it also includes other ND tourism information and interactive maps and videos to give visitors a sense of what the state has to offer. 

Substance Abuse Site

Parents Lead is “an evidence-based underage drinking prevention program targeting parents through statewide, web-based communication.” The site is a clearinghouse of information intended to educate and encourage parent involvement. Live site: 

Marketing Website

This site was a complete re-design for a marketing firm, reflecting similar changes made to company collateral.

Golf Association

This site design was created for the North Dakota Golf Association. The client wanted to convey the beauty of the courses of North Dakota, and provide a central gathering area for state golfers to find information, tournament results, and rules of the game. Live site: 

Forest Service Site

The client wanted to make this portion of North Dakota government sites more focused on imagery, emphasizing the natural beauty of North Dakota. 


Fire Safety Campaign

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Deliverables: Logo development, animated character development, DVD/Case design, website, videos, t-shirts
Print – Creative Director, Art Director/Graphic Designer (logo design, design of collateral, character development)
Video – Creative Director, Art Director/Graphic Designer (concept and direction of PSAs, creation of screen graphics, animation direction)
Website – Art Direction

This campaign was in response to a request for a video and other materials that would encourage middle school and high school kids to treat fire with respect and to always stay safe. We determined that the main hurdle was to connect with an audience that has an extremely short attention span, and the best way to do this was through humor. I worked with our animator to come up with the main characters of the campaign, “Burnie” and “Ug”, which were then worked in to different aspects of the campaign. This was a state-wide safety campaign distributed to schools throughout North Dakota, and was considered by the client to be an overwhelming success.

The videos above show a montage of the animations that were created, and the first of three :30 spots which co-starred a 50’s-era science teacher instructing the audience to always “respect the flame” while interacting with the animated characters.

Live site:


Substance Abuse Campaign

  • Full Image
Deliverables: Logo development, posters, brochures, fact sheets, t-shirts, lanyards, :30 spots
Print – Art Director/Graphic Designer (logo design, direction of photo shoots, design of all collateral)
Video (:30 Spot) – Creative Director/Graphic Designer (concept of spot, creation of all screen graphics)

This campaign focused on Native American youth and encouraged a healthy self-image and a recognition of their proud heritage in an appeal to stay away from alcohol and drug abuse. The client wanted to make sure that when a Native American youth saw the campaign, they would easily recognize by the colors and imagery that the message was intended for them. In addition to the colorful style and textures developed for the campaign based on Native American focus group results, this spot emphasizes color to communicate a message of positive life choices and decisions.


Kubota Tractor

  • Full Image
Deliverables: :30 sec spot, sales floor banners, storyboard
Art Director/Graphic Designer

Kubota Tractor requested campaign materials to focus on two new vehicles they were producing – the materials I was assigned to produce were floor banners, periodical ads and a storyboard for a :30 sec script, which was provided by our Creative Director. My objective was to be creative yet stay within strict brand guidelines.


Print Continued

  • Full Image

Above is a DVD and case design for a video and program developed to educate Native American teens about health issues. I also incorporated the logo that I developed for the program.

Raven Industries

A series of sales brochures highlighting ag-related products offered by the company, to be handed out by implement dealers. 

Label Printing Company

This sales brochure was created to add a sense of excitement to their product and convey the idea of the cutting edge technology that the company used in every-day production. 

Fox Run Development

This brochure is a 4-panel designed for a new real estate development intended to generate interest in an up-scale community.  

Ag Direct Mailer

New product announcement sent out to farmers nationwide. 


Soil Conservation

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Deliverable: Two :30 spots
Art Director

These spots were part of a campaign by the North Dakota Forest Service to encourage tree planting for soil conservation. I directed the creation of graphics and animations used in both spots.

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Feel free to contact me.


(605) 759-5354



Overland Park, KS

  • Troy McQuillen
    Owner/CD - MCG

    What I love about Mark's work is that he goes away and comes back with some awesome stuff right away. His talents helped me mature to the point that as a company leader, and creative director, I could trust he and my team to deliver outstanding results without my "tinkering." He's creative and produces beautiful work.

  • Bruce Carlson
    Senior Copywriter - Blendtec

    Mark brought incredible artistic talent to his team, along with a strong ethical sense. He was very prudent in meeting deadlines for multiple concurrent projects, and was well-liked by his colleagues. He was active in the community and always went the extra mile to deliver outstanding designs. He is a great addition to any team.

  • Daniel Smith

    Mark possesses a range of skills and knowledge base that is extremely hard to find in an Art Director. His background in 2D and 3D design and animation greatly increase his value and skillfulness in design. Mark's leadership, laugh and imagination benefit every project and team.

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